UD Trucks pursues Better Life for all

UD Trucks and Better Life – a company-wide effort to make life better for people and the planet

For over 85 years, UD Trucks has been providing the trucks and services the world needs today. Now the logistics industry is facing an array of challenges, from a shortage of truck drivers and higher demand for deliveries driven by the growth of e-commerce, to environmental impacts such as climate change and resource depletion.

In the face of these challenges, innovation and collaboration are essential for making the world a better place. UD Trucks is committed to making life better – for people and the planet. This is our purpose, and we call it Better Life.

Better for Logistics
Driving innovation for smarter, more sustainable logistics

UD Trucks is at the forefront of innovation that helps maximize vehicle efficiency, reduce environmental impacts and maximize driver comfort. True to our Better Life purpose, UD Trucks continues to develop next-generation technologies in the fields of connectivity, electromobility and autonomous driving. At the same time the company is devoted to helping customers find solutions to strengthen their business today.

UD Trucks is using virtual reality technology to develop new and lighter truck models from the design stage to prototypes. From carrying out product development and manufacturing quality standards assessments to improving the skills of maintenance and repair personnel, UD Trucks promptly assesses and services its vehicles in accordance with the highest standards.

Acknowledge truck drivers and mechanics alike, UD Trucks holds global competitions, namely UD Extra Mile Challenge and UD Gemba Challenge. These competitions feature the most proficient drivers and mechanics from across the globe. Through these competitions, participants demonstrate their skills and know-how, while sharing best practices among their peers, all in an effort to better serve customers and improve the bottom line.

Better for People
Empowering our people, engaging our communities

People and communities are a core part of Better Life. UD Trucks continues to improve the well-being of its employees, fostering a workplace culture that values diversity, personal development and a strong work-life balance. All employees are encouraged to make the most of their abilities and given opportunities to grow professionally.

UD Trucks takes great pride in outreach programs that make lives better in the communities where we operate. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of masks were donated to elementary schools in Ageo Japan, home of UD Trucks. Household necessities were donated to people that were financially hard hit by the pandemic in Indonesia. UD Trucks also continues to hold traffic safety seminars for elementary school children and supports truck driver training programs.

Better for the Planet
Reducing our environmental footprint

Climate change and resource depletion are some of the most pressing environmental issues facing the world today. In pursuit of Better Life, UD Trucks, together with the logistics industry as a whole, can be part of the solution to greatly minimize environmental impacts.

UD Trucks goes to great lengths to ensure waste materials are sorted and disposed of responsibly. UD Trucks constantly looks for ways to use resources more efficiently starting from the product development stage. Most components in the new range vehicles can be easily dissembled into interchangeable parts, reused or recycled.

UD Trucks develops vehicles that stay ahead of emission regulations and are equipped with advanced safety technology. The environmental impact of its trucks are minimized at each stage of the product life-cycle, leading to the production of more environmentally conscious trucks.

Last but not least, UD Trucks holds eco-driving seminars to help drivers master fuel-saving techniques. This results in less emissions and saves on fuel costs.

Learn more about Better Life on the UD Trucks website here.

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